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Chicago Video Production – STANCED VW CC on STEROIDS [video]

Invisual Media Pro is a leader in Chicago video production. For as long as we remember we had love for cars, especially the cars that had been modified from a simple stock look, into a piece of art. Our love and passion for uniquely stanced vehicles mixed with our interest for photography and cinematography is how this Chicago video production project for the fastest STANCED Volkswagen CC on STEROIDS came from. This one of a kind VW is the highlight of Chicago, starting with the state of the art wheels with the perfect fitment, to the newly wrapped body that is unfortunately not captured in this video. When you see this Volkswagen CC driving trough Chicago you will never mistake it for any other car out there. The work that has been put into it is clearly shown when you compare it to the same stock vehicle model. Over 100 of one of a kind mods and years of hard work have really paid off to the owner of the fastest and most beautifly modified VW CC in Chicago.  If you are as passionate about vehicle you own, and would a similar memory for it, please contact us for a similar project at